Lorna Lucas, MSM

Lorna Lucas, MSM, is a Senior Program Director with more than 15 years of experience working in healthcare, education, and association industries. Previously, she was Senior Director, Provider Education, Association of Community Cancer Centers, Rockville, MD, where she led education initiatives which produced high-quality resources and solution-based tools to support the multidisciplinary oncology care team to expand access to high-quality, equitable patient care. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in American studies and her master’s degree in nonprofit and association management at the University of Maryland, College Park. As an organizational leader driven to conceptualize, plan, and deliver impactful healthcare education programs and grant portfolios, Ms Lucas has developed enriching stakeholder engagement and partner organization relationships while focusing on supporting and educating healthcare professionals to deliver quality, accessible, and equitable care to patients across all settings and disciplines.

Last modified: August 18, 2022